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  Blanco Kountry Kennels

Pet Hotel

Monday - Friday  Drop Off/Pick Up/Tour

8:00am -12:00   &  4:00pm- 6:00pm


9:00am-12:00    & 4:00pm - 5:00pm

(Any after hours drop offs or pick ups there will be a $20.00 fee

We work 7 days a week so the times closed off above allows us to do laundry, clean kennels, bowls, buy supplies, etc. Thank you

 5 days or more stays since we have limited space. 

 Weekly and monthly stays

Playtime in playyard

Lots of hugs

Menu of Services:

Boarding rates:


1st pet- 30.00/per nt.

2nd pet in same kennel - 18.00

3rd pet in same kennel - 18.00

4th pet in same kennel -18.00

All of our kennels are very large which can accommodate your multiple pets together

Each kennel has  outdoor (covered) runs so your pet isn't stuck inside.

Air conditioned & heated to keep your furry friend comfortable.

We provide Blankets, Bowls, Toys and Food (if your pet is not on a special diet)

We serve a  grain free salmon & potato meal, treats (if approved).

We have a big play yard where we take your family pet out to play twice a day if weather permits. We do not believe in mixing multiple family pets together as we wouldn't want to risk your pet(s) any harm.

 If your pet destroys the bedding there will be a $25.00 replacement charge.